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January 4, 2022

Looking for some “I love you dad” wallpaper even you are not are kid anymore? Buddy, you are not the only one! Whether you want to surprise your dad on father’s day or simply express your love, these wallpapers will do the trick. That said, I’ve gathered 19 all different styles from cool black minimalist “Best dad ever “wallpaper to the loving cartoon ones. I’m sure you will find the right one, enjoy!

Little reminder:

I know it looks a little blurry on the picture as it’s the JPG version, but no worries the link version is on 1920 x 1080 PNG. To download the wallpapers, simply click the link to the wallpaper you like, right-click “save image as” you are done! Super easy right? Enjoy!

1. I love you dad wallpaper download

Hate to say but I LUB you dad!

2. I love dad desktop wallpaper free download

3. I love my dad HD full screen wallpaper

4. I love you daddy wallpaper download

5. Cute I love you daddy wallpaper

6. I love you step dad wallpaper free download

Not being biologically related to a child doesn’t make you any less of a parent. Surprise your stepdad!

7. I love you daddy wallpaper

I love you daddy with wine wallpaper. Anyone?

8. We love you daddy wallpaper

Of course, the classic mustache dad wallpaper.

9. Cartoon I love my dad wallpaper

Is that just me but this cartoon is cute!

10. Cute I miss you dad wallpaper

I miss you, dad! Who doesn’t?

11. I love my stepfather wallpaper

I love you my coolest stepfather!

12. Giraffe I love my daddy wallpaper

This one is just cuteness overload.

13. I love you daddy image PNG

14. I miss you dad wallpaper

15. Aesthetic I miss you daddy wallpaper

16. I miss you dad wallpaper

Such a beautiful one ♡♡♡

17. I miss you dad cute loving wallpaper download

18. Best dad ever wallpaper free download

Best dad ever.

19. World’s best dad wallpaper


So there you go – the 19 love you dad and miss you dad wallpapers. What are your thoughts on these? I hope you will find the right one here! Surprise your dad!

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  1. Jamie Brown

    It’s sweet you’ve included the stepdad one! Million thankss

  2. Jamie

    Love these …thanks


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